Beef Jerky is the perfect snack and one that I've loved for years.  I have a 20+ year old dehydrator that I've used for making my own but on a whim I ordered some from a Redditor a few years ago and it blew my mind. It's still the best jerky I've ever had.  

Look how good this looks! Smokey. Peppery. Delicious. 

Sadly he seems to have gone offline. I miss you VeryGoodJerky.

But alas, my good internet-friend Matthew re-stoked my beef jerky flame and introduced me to this crazy thing called the Internet.  On said "Internet" you can even buy high-quality jerky. Who knew?

Matthew intro'd me to a whole long list of places and you can find that Twitter thread here. I picked a few at random and ordered enough jerky to last me through 2022 or the end of the quarantine, whichever comes first.  Now similar to my spice research, I'm going to detail my beef jerky journey below.

Big John's -
Dublin Jerky -
Country Archer -
Wisconsin River Meats -